Founded in 2008, AKA is both a physical building and meeting/event/organizing space, and an organization of local anarchists/anti-authoritarians. Our space is the red and black house on Queen St at Wellington St in downtown Kingston, Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe lands. Our space is accessible with a ramp and a barrier-free washroom.

We advocate for stateless, voluntary, horizontal, egalitarian, pro-community, pro-environment forms of social organization.

We seek to support and nurture communities and actions that work to undo racism, colonialism, ableism, heterosexism, cissexism, patriarchy, religious intolerance and intolerant religious practices, the domination of nature, capitalism, the state, and all other forms of oppression. We value individual freedoms in the context of our collective well-being. We support voluntary collective action, mutual aid, and the creation of social networks. We envision a society where all people are able and supported to be directly involved in deciding actions/inactions that affect them. We are open to people/groups who share the principles horizontal and anti-oppressive organization and actions, but who do not necessarily call themselves anarchists.